Mobile Marketing: Waiting for Darwin’s Shoe to Drop

On May 20-21, I’ll be speaking at  Kontagent Konnect 2013 in San Francisco. (Register now–space is limited.) To warm things up ahead of time, the folks at Kontagent asked me to write a guest blog for them. Here it is.


Mobile Marketing: Waiting for Darwin’s Shoe to Drop

By Matt Wilcox

IT USED TO BE STANDARD practice, almost obligatory, to open articles like this one with statistics about the number of your customers who are, or who soon will be, shopping via mobile devices. No longer. The patent ubiquity of mobile devices has rendered the use of scary, “get-with-it” statistics all but quaint. Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you already know that you can throw a stick and hit a dozen people shopping on mobile devices. And you also know that it’s imperative to accommodate these customers or risk losing them. But the question becomes how do you convince them that your mobile experience is better than the competition? … (Read the rest of my post on Kontagent’s website by clicking here now).

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