Looking Back on the Mobile Banking Summit

Two Observations

I am back from the 7th Annual Mobile Banking and Commerce Summit, where Managing Director of ATH Power Consulting Michael J. McEvoy and I shared the podium to speak on Right Channeling.

Conference presentations were relevant and eye-opening. Perhaps not surprisingly, most focused on transformation, as shown by titles like “Transforming a Web-centric Organization to a Mobile-first Organization” (David Eads), “How Mobile Platforms are Revolutionizing Banking” (Shamir Karkal),  “Embracing Mobile Money” (Steven Lewis), “Seizing the Opportunities in Mobile for Commercial Banking” (Amit Aghara), “Mobile Payments And Commerce—How To Drive Value And Adoption” (Matt Friend, Neil Hickey), and “What Banks Have Learned (or have yet to learn) from Payment Start Ups” (Sean Sposito, Dan Ciporin, Victoria Cheng).

Not that other topics weren’t addressed. There were talks on security and privacy, POS, driving revenue, and maintaining “high touch” in a high tech world. But transition reigned.

All of which leads me to two observations:

1. The emphasis on transition demonstrates that the fast-growing channel in bank history—mobile—has smart bankers scrambling to lead or at least keep up. Good on both. Not so smart, head-in-sand bankers who hope the trend will pass might consider investing some time in updating their resumés. In some other field.

2. Presenters in the banking world need to learn how to write short titles.*


*While “Delivering a High-Touch, Highly Engaging Mobile Experience: Lessons from the Wealth Management World” and “Deals and Data: Driving Relevant Interactions with Card Members Through Targeted and Mobile Offers” were fine, relevant panel discussions, kudos go to Artie Byrne for his refreshingly succinct “Mobile POS in the Store.”


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