#Accelerate shows why it is the must attend event for Web/Digital Analysts and Marketers:

A full day packed with content and speakers with no breaks other than lunch…exhausting, right?  Not in the least.  #Accelerate, the first conference I have attended with a hash tag in its name, delivered as promised.  I was wowed by great presentations, which were packed into a top ten format (yes, Mr. Letterman you should be worried) and full of great tips I can take back to my team.  My own top ten list included tips on how to grow your digital business such as setting specific goals and optimizing your sales funnel.  See more information on this innovative day at http://john.webanalyticsdemystified.com/2012/04/06/accelerate-chicago-debrief/

Thanks again to the folks at Web Demystified for giving me the chance to attend and participate–@erictpeterson, @brianthawkins, @adamgreco, and @johnlovett

Oh, I almost forgot the best part…the conference was FREE!


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