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It hasn’t been a great month for Libra (or for Mark Zuckerberg)

November 18, 2019

At least one astrology website says Libras are cooperative, diplomatic, gracious, fair-minded, and social. Like most zodiac descriptions, it’s broad enough so that just about anyone can say, “Yep, that’s me.”  But the other Libra—Facebook’s recently announced cryptocurrency—seems to be garnering a less positive image. Not that Facebook has given up hope. As of this writing, the Libra Association’s official Facebook page most [...]

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Banking on DST

November 11, 2019

Daylight Savings Time wreaks havoc on everyone, but it brings particular challenges to the banking industry. If you happen to live in a place where it is now one hour earlier than it was at this time a little over a week ago, I hope you have recovered from this year’s wrapping up of the [...]

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The Financial Brand, now for your ears

November 8, 2019

Jim Marous, editor and founder of The Financial Brand and personal friend, has launched a new podcast, Banking Transformed. If you’re looking for a way to make your commute time its most productive, I recommend giving it a listen.

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Banks, AI, and the greater good

November 4, 2019

It is a defining moment in the life of a jumble of letters when the jumble attains real-word status. While most people understand acronyms like laser, sonar, and snafu, few can identify their component words. (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation, SOund NAvigation Ranging, and it’s just as well that not too many people [...]

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