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Kroger: VISA credit card
now welcome in even
fewer places

March 25, 2019

If you tried using a Visa credit card at one of Foods Co.’s 19 California grocery stores lately, you’ll recall being told, politely I hope, “We don’t take that any more.”  But that’s old news. What’s new news is that the Visa credit card ban has just been extended to an additional 142 food stores and [...]

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Banning Cashlessness

March 18, 2019

As of July 1, cashless stores and restaurants in Philadelphia will be no more. Existing cashless businesses will not be grandfathered but required to revert. Outside of a few exceptions such as parking lots, hotels, and car rental agencies, the Philadelphia City Council has deemed cashless businesses discriminatory.  If you have a bank account, as [...]

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The Apple Card Cometh

March 11, 2019

Innovation doesn’t always move forward. Sometimes it circles back.   For instance, Amazon saved you from having to travel to physical stores, and then circled back and opened physical stores. Starbucks made it so you’d never again have to brew supermarket coffee at home, and then circled back and placed its products in supermarkets so [...]

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Adaptive Blackberry takes the wheel

March 6, 2019

Remember Blackberry? It’s still around—and making headlines. The company just announced its $1.4 billion cash purchase of Cylance, known among other things for AIs that guard against cyberattacks. And in particular, the autonomous car industry has taken notice. A little over a decade ago, you weren’t cool, much less current, unless you were packing a Blackberry phone. [...]

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