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Cars are the
new wallet

January 14, 2019

If Honda has its way, soon your car’s dashboard will offer more than air conditioning controls, music, maps, and a parallel parking assist. It will literally become a payment vehicle—pun intended. That’s thanks to Dream Drive, which Honda described in a recent press release as … … the automotive industry’s first integrated driver and passenger infotainment, commerce, services and rewards dashboards within the [...]

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Inconveniences from texting

January 7, 2019

Over the past decade, monthly texts have increased 7,700 percent. Worldwide we send about 19 billion of them a day. Americans send about two for every voice call they place. People between 18 and 25 send 133 a week. Texting accounts for about a third of the time Millennials spend on their phones.(1) Only in [...]

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