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The pros at cons

August 17, 2018

Popular movies like American Hustle, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, The Sting, and Catch Me If You Can show that audiences like a good con artist story. The films even manipulate—con?—us into rooting for the bad guy, our consciences somehow assuaged by marks who deserve or at least can afford the loss. The deserving-mark trope entertains, but in real life cons hurt [...]

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A lesson from the
man in the moon
How people buy

August 9, 2018

THIS MUCH won’t surprise you: Younger generations continue hopping aboard person-to-person payment (P2P) apps faster than older ones.  But maybe this will surprise you: Better than half of Boomers are onboard with P2P. Considering P2P’s relative newness and Boomers’ measured approach to sticking toes in new technological waters, I think it’s fair to call that [...]

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From thumbprints
to butt scans
and morality
in biotech

August 1, 2018

WAY BACK—well, five years ago—when Apple introduced iPhone 5s’s thumbprint scanner, fear mongers lost no time claiming that phone thieves would now take your phone and your finger. Never mind that it wouldn’t work—irrational panic spreads faster than rational calm—and besides, what if your phone thief doesn’t know that iPhone can’t scan a dead finger? Safe as your [...]

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