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Staying true to the brand
versus being stubborn

September 27, 2017

ANECDOTES ABOUND of companies that prosper by sticking to brand promises.* That’s great when brand promises are relevant. Sticking to promises no one gives a hoot about isn’t so much a show of brand integrity as a show of stubbornness.  For a look at how clinging to “because that’s our brand” isn’t always a good thing, [...]

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Silver lining behind
the Equifax hack

September 22, 2017

PERHAPS YOU HEARD: Equifax was hacked on September 7. There are some who would reassure us by pointing out that 143 million accounts is less than half the number of MySpace accounts and less than one-third the number of Yahoo accounts that were hacked. I have two reactions. My first reaction is that would-be reassurers could [...]

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Upgrades at point-of-sale:
Financial aid for merchants

September 14, 2017

IF YOU were going to pick an exciting time to work in the payments business, today would make for a good choice. At times it feels as if each day brings a software or hardware innovation, each bringing in turn faster speeds, surer security, easier access, and greater convenience. For merchants in particular, payment technology [...]

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Bank metamorphosis
for fun and profit

September 7, 2017

The digital age has not rolled forth without casualties. Type-writers, maps, encyclopedias, calculators, film cameras, digital cameras, camcorders, cash registers, books, newspapers, music CDs, and more are found among the metamorphosed, endangered, severely wounded, and just plain gone. You will doubtless agree that morphing beats going the way of the typewriter. The good news for [...]

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