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The trouble with
daring a hacker

April 19, 2017

It has become something of a journalistic fad for reporters to invite hackers to, well, hack them. Without exception, they emerge shaken by two observations: Just how vulnerable they are; and just how much sensitive data they’d forgotten about that awaited discovery. TIME reporter Joel Stein is one of the latest to give it a [...]

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Catch my presentation on Zelle at PAYMENTS 2017

April 14, 2017

I hope you have already marked your calendar for April 23-26 and booked a flight to Austin, Texas. (Unless, that is, you live within driving distance.) You surely do not want to miss NACHA’s PAYMENTS 2017 convention. This year, it will be my honor to take the stage at the event on Tuesday, April 25, [...]

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India sets off on
the long road to a
cashless society

April 5, 2017

The Republic of India hopes to boost digital payments via Aadhaar Enabled Payments and Unified Payments Interface, or UPI. But it faces two problems: Problem 1. Banks are largely responsible for getting merchants to accept digital payment via Aadhaar and UPI. Problem 2. India’s government would like banks to show a bit more oomph in that [...]

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