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Coming this summer:
Digital food stamps

January 26, 2017

DESPITE THE DAWN of the 21st century in most places, it’s not unusual for government offices to require documents by fax, as if anyone besides government offices has fax machines any more. Ask if a PDF will do only if you’re prepared to explain what a PDF is. So, when the United States Department of Agriculture goes digital [...]

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Fake news and
financial institutions

January 18, 2017

Six weeks ago, mild-mannered, 28-year-old Edgar Maddison Welch, father of two, entered a Washington D.C. pizza parlor and fired three rounds from an AR-15-style rifle. His objective was to liberate children he believed were being held captive there by a ring of abusive pedophile conspirators. Fortunately, no one was injured. Welch’s rounds struck only a wall, [...]

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The other online fraud

January 13, 2017

Shortly before New Year’s Day, Michael McLeod spotted a curious ad on Gumtree, a UK-based online classified advertising site. A private seller was offering, at full retail price, a brand-new 12W2F Workout Station, the most expensive product made by McLeod’s employer, The Jim Bradley Speedball Company, a small sports equipment manufacturer in Melbourne, Australia. To [...]

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EMV chips and fraud:
The half-full and
the half-empty

January 4, 2017

To an extent, whether the EMV chip migration glass is half-full or half-empty depends on how you want to look at it. The glass is half-full EMV chips are taking hold, now gracing 47 percent of issued Visa cards. An announcement from Visa reports: More than 1.7 million merchants representing more than a third of [...]

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