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The most popular
and the most broken

December 29, 2016

  The New Year is nearly upon us. I need hardly point out that, for a lot of us, that means making and promptly breaking one or more resolutions. For a bland definition of the ubiquitous New Year’s Resolution, look no further than Merriam-Webster: A promise to do something differently in the new year. For [...]

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Are the days of hard
currency numbered?

December 12, 2016

How quaint: The other day I saw someone use cash to pay for groceries. I’m being facetious. Despite making my living in the digital payments business, even I stoop to the occasional cash transaction. The kid who mows my lawn doesn’t accept ACH transfers. Still, I have to wonder: How much longer will coins and [...]

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Generational Vocab
(Try this quiz)

December 2, 2016

THOUGH I WORK in a cutting-edge technology business, I am neither inured to nor beyond appreciating how the wonders of technology have transformed the world you and I get to live in. Not too long ago, not even royalty had our standard of living, what with climate-controlled homes, luxury cars, and fridges filled with fresh [...]

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