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Brexit lore

June 28, 2016

Unless you were away climbing Kilimanjaro, you likely heard that last week the UK voted to secede from the European Union (EU). In the final tally, 48 percent voted to remain while 52 percent voted to secede. In the aftermath, the media have spilled over with reports of UK citizens now ruing the vote for [...]

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Smithsonian for Stinkers

June 24, 2016

Apparently you and I have a superpower. At least, that’s what uninformed writers, and informed ones with no regard for facts where profit is concerned, would have readers believe. Said superpower is the ability to make people buy whether they want to or not. If you have worked in marketing for more than 20 seconds, [...]

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Visa Inc., Apple,
and Hong Kong:
Together again
for the first time

June 16, 2016

Two weeks ago I blogged about what happened when Apple tried to stand on principle (something I admire) against the Great Firewall of China. Brief recap: China shut down iTunes Movies and iBooks for a month. The loss of 700 million Internet users being nothing to sniff at, Apple capitulated (something I understand). But Apple [...]

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To build, or not to build,
that is the question

June 7, 2016

THESE DAYS when a shiny new banking office sprouts, someone inevitably wonders aloud how close we may be to a tipping point where online banking renders physical locations obsolete. Will this building will be the one too many that shouldn’t have been built? That might have seemed like a silly question in 1995 when, after [...]

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