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This Digital Bank Marketing Lesson Comes from an Unlikely Source

July 23, 2014

Some marketers avoid acknowledging even the slightest negative word. That’s not just naïve but risky. When a negative tweet can reach millions, the only question is whether you want to try turning complaints to your benefit or leave them to them run rampant on their own. That is why last week I dared digital banking marketers [...]

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What’s in YOUR credit score?

July 16, 2014

Capital One deserves five stars for launching, free of charge, the kind of digital tool you’d expect from a brand committed to serving cardholders’ best interests. A new Credit Tracker tab on Cap One’s mobile app shows cardholders: their credit score; factors making up the score; calculators showing how increasing, paying down, or paying off [...]

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Functional is so last-decade

July 15, 2014

Things have flipped. Not long ago the likes of Starbucks and McDonald’s enjoyed a competitive advantage by providing free onsite Wi-Fi. Today, that’s pretty much de rigueur. Providing onsite Wi-Fi is not so much a competitive advantage as not providing it is a competitive disadvantage. Likewise, offering mobile banking, once the sign of a forward-thinking [...]

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Tough luck, Ashton

July 10, 2014

What an honor! For the second year in a row, BankInnovation has included me on its list of “30 innovators to watch.” Now, if you will indulge me in a little brag … Last year I placed just ahead of Aston Kutcher. This year he didn’t make the list at all. Take that, Ashton!

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