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Of Barnacles and Banks

March 24, 2014

Early in the 19th century, a young man was so taken with barnacles that he actually wrote books about them. One thing that captured his imagination was how easily changes in the water could wipe out most of a population. But he noted that sometimes a few barnacles managed to adapt and survive. These would [...]

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Online Advertising and Marketing Strategies for Financial Institutions

March 6, 2014

Part 1: Making it Digital But Keeping it Personal Once upon a time, families gathered in living rooms and listened to the radio. Later, they watched TV. In the morning before or in the evening right after work, adults in the family perused the newspaper. Or so I’m told. Whether or not that’s how it [...]

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Reminder: Catch me at Bank Innovation

March 3, 2014

This post is a reminder that tomorrow I’ll be participating as a panelist at Bank Innovation 2014 at the Grand Hyatt in Seattle. Perhaps you remember the Bank Innovation people. You know, the ones who were kind enough to list me—ahead of Ashton Kutcher, don’t forget—as a “Bank Innovator to Watch.” Our topic is “Advanced Bank Marketing [...]

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