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Branding a Bank for the Rising Generation

October 31, 2013

A Peek Inside the Brainstorming Session Here’s a macabre thought to start your day: Older customers will die sooner than younger ones. It’s a fact of life that has many a financial institution concerned. Rightly so. I wouldn’t dream of suggesting that bankers’ concern is only for the bottom line. Surely many wish their customers [...]

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A Most Promising Mess

October 24, 2013

When mine eyes behold what technology hath wrought upon today’s financial services industry, I cannot help but breathlessly marvel aloud, “What a mess.” Ah, but a promising mess it is. Estimote and JingIt want to feed product and pricing information to customers at point-of-sale while simultaneously feeding customer data back to merchants. PayPal Beacon promises [...]

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BAI Convention is just 2 weeks away

October 22, 2013

See you at the BAI Convention in Denver Planning on attending the BAI Convention in Denver next month? Please grab me and say hello. On the afternoon of November 6, I’ll be joining AOL’s Paul Kadin and New Control’s Jim Marous to speak on “Leveraging Digital and Traditional Marketing to Drive Results.” I hope to [...]

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About that “major announcement”

October 8, 2013

A reluctant farewell … and an enthusiastic hello Readers with nothing better to think about may have been wondering about the last line in my prior post: “Speaking of which, stay tuned for a major announcement from yours truly …” Wonder no longer; here is the promised announcement. I have accepted a position with Fiserv. [...]

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