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More banks market prepaid debit cards to all demographics, incomes

September 25, 2012

Prepaid debit cards carry the reputation for appealing primarily to the un- or underbanked demographics. Individuals belonging to this sector typically rely upon cash, check-cashing services and alternative financing solutions to avoid traditional bank products, such as checking or savings accounts. However, new data reveals more financial institutions are expanding their prepaid offerings to not [...]

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Recent customer dispute demonstrates influence of social media

September 20, 2012

Few businesses and financial institutions will argue with the claim that social media services are changing the way customers form relationships with companies. However, some may not yet fully realize the power that social media can have on shaping consumer opinions and influencing their behavior. Comedy writer Matt Fisher recently spoke out via against [...]

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Top changes in financial marketing trends

September 17, 2012

Financial institutions have been forced to make considerable changes to their marketing strategies in recent years, due to the economy, new regulations and technological innovations. As a result, the same tactics most individuals grew accustomed to in earlier years are starting to be phased out as banks look to new ways to appeal to their [...]

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Multichannel marketing: Opportunity from the marketer’s POV

September 7, 2012

Marketers have bombarded consumers with messages since the advent of advertising. Today, communication channels added daily to the mix create an unprecedented, daunting din for marketers to break through. Most consumers engage multiple media at a time, yet they don’t truly multitask. Our brains aren’t capable of that. We focus on texting, TV and surfing [...]

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