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Will technology make smaller banking institutions obsolete?

July 30, 2012

Many banks are devoting more financial resources to mobile technology and this scenario is not expected to slow down in the near future. Most financial institutions see innovative technology as a cost-effective way to offer more convenience to consumers, gain a more loyal customer base and attract new demographics. While these points may be true, [...]

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Banks urged to facilitate ‘digital financial lifestyle’ of consumers

July 20, 2012

More financial institutions and consumers alike are choosing to ‘go paperless’ and focus on digital platforms to send correspondence, manage financial accounts and engage in financial transactions. The benefit for banks is lower costs for drafting and mailing bank statements and notifications. Many consumers are going paperless as a way to reduce their carbon footprint [...]

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‘Smartphonatics’ to drive mobile banking and payment demand

July 12, 2012

Some consumers are more likely to use their smartphones as electronic wallets than others, but adoption of these payment methods is still slow. However, a new global study reveals that an emerging demographic may help fuel the adoption of electronic wallets and encourage more banks to expand their mobile banking and payment services. The study, [...]

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Don’t dismiss web forums during social media campaigns

July 10, 2012

A range of industries, including financial institutions, small businesses and technology sectors, rely on social media campaigns to promote their products, build customer loyalty and develop a channel for communicating with customers. While social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, are the more traditional channels companies rely on, web forums are an overlooked [...]

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